Roadking Classic 2×12

The Roadking has been given a total make-over in 2008. We offer the Roadking in two separate versions: Roadking Classic and Roadking Lead.

  • hi/lo inputs, bright switch, volume, reverb dwell, tone & level, treble, middle, bass
  • Speaker: 4×10 or 2×12 configurations
  • poweroutput: 55W Silicon – 40W Tube
  • pre-amp: 3x 12AX7A, and 2x 12AT7
  • power-amp: 2x 5881 / 6L6GC
  • rectifier: 1x 5U4GB
  • Dimensions: 4×10: 62 x 60 x 27 cm, 26kg
  1. standard 4×10 model price: € 2550,-
  2. with 4×10 Weber Alnico: € 2898,-
  3. with 2×12 G12-30H: € 2450,-
  4. with 2×12 Weber Alnico: € 2850.-

prices listed above include 21% VAT

The Roadking Classic is based on the original ’59 Tweed Bassman design that is enhanced with an internal reverb-circuitry by incorporating the classic three-knob-reverb unit that was used as an stand alone reverb effect during the early sixties. Un like what would be expected the positioning of this reverb-unit in the Roadking Classic is not in front of the pre-amp but electronically intergrated within a ’59-Bassman type of pre-amp circuitry. This feature leaves the tonal qualities of the amp totally unaffected, while giving a deep and lush reverb that is very controllable even on higher volume settings. Also the Roadking Classic is our attempt to make the purest and most authentic vintage workhorse on stage. Instead of a middle control a 3way fatswitch is offered, to choose two different middle levels and a midboost which is also footswitchable.
Speakers standard: 4×10 model: 2x Eminence Alnico + 2x Eminence Copperhead combination; 4x Celestion Greenback 10’s optional, 4x Weber P10Q Anlico’s optional.
Speakers standard 2×12 model: 2x Celestion G12-30H; 2x 12 Weber Alnico optional; Celestion Alnico Gold or Celestion Heritage optional.

The Roadking lead is loosely based on later famous 4×10 amp designs from the early sixties. The pre-amp is designed to be a simple straight forward brownface / blackface type channel capable of producing a very high quality clean in the first place. Along with this clean channel the preamp incorporates a very well balanced cruch channel featuring a separate drive level and presence control, but sharing the same tone controls as the clean channel. In our minds this crunch channel must be able to produce a very smooth and fine textured overdrive usable for mild soloing, but specially designed to produce crunchy chords, rhythm riffs or just clean with an little edge, in other words the ultimate blues amplifier.

The poweramp operates two 6L6GC tubes and a 5U4GB rectifier tube. The newest Roadking model is still equipped with a solid state/ tube rectifier switch. This switch enables the amp to switch from tube-rectified high class AB setting (50% class A), to a full class AB setting that is rectified with diodes. The Roadking is rated at 45 Watts tube rectified and 55 Watts solid sate rectified. The tube rectifier offers more compression and sag, diodes keep the low end tighter and make clean chord playing possible on high volume levels.
The Lead model is fitted with a tube generated reverb.
Speakers 4×10 model: 4x Celestion Greenback 10’s (4x Weber P10Q Anlico’s optional)
Speakers 2×12 model: 2x Celestion G12-30H (2x Celestion Alnico Gold or Heritage optional)