Guitarman 2×12

operates with four 5881 tubes just like the Tweed Twin of the late fifties. Capable of 85 Watts, the Guitarman model has a crystal clear tone and delivers enough power and headroom for larger venues. To reduce poweroutput it can be switched from 4x 5881 to 2x 5881 to produce only 50 Watts. An Unique feature is that while switching to lower power the output-transformer automatically switches to the correct primary impedance to ensure proper powertube operation for great reliability and maximum tone at either setting.

  • hi & lo inputs, bright switch, volume, treble, mid, bass, reverb, speed, depth
  • Speaker: 2×12 CELESTION G12-30H
  • poweroutput: 85 Watts (80W RMS at 4Ohm) or 50 Watts (48W RMS, 4Ohm)
  • pre-amp: 3x 12AX7A and , 2x 12AT7 NOS USA
  • power-amp: 4x 5881 / 6L6GC
  • rectifier: Solid State
dimensions: 66x52x27cm
weight: 28KG
  1. with 2×12 G12-65 price: € 2650,-
  2. with 2×12 Weber Alnico: € 2898,-
  3. 4×10 Weber Alnico P10Q: € 2950.-

prices listed above include 21% VAT

It has been our long-felt wish to produce an amp that would have the looks and power of a Tweed Twin combined with a more Blackface type of sound and features. After years of prototypes and one-off custom models we are totally satisfied with the final result. The circuitry of the “Guitarman” is a very interesting mix of the ’59 Bassman and later brownface and blackface amps. This mix results in a very unique sound of its own. It shares the raw and crude spirit of the tweed era but blackface characteristics are clearly eminent in the tone and overall performance of this amp.

The basic pre-amp features a bright switch, volume, treble, middle, bass and reverb. Unlike the trebly, bathroom type of reverb known from common modern amplifiers, we have achieved a nice warm and juicy sounding reverb that mixes better in the overall sound of the amp. The Guitarman uses an all-tube reverb circuitry and drives an Accutronics long tank spring reverb.

The power-amp operates four 5881 tubes and has a solid state rectifier. The Guitarman is rated at 50 Watts with 2x 5881, which is very suitable for smaller gigs. To perform on larger stages, more than 85 watts power is available at the flick of a switch to deliver full power with all 4x 5881 to produce articulate definition and crystal clear chord reproduction at the highest levels.

To complete this powerful package, a tube-generated tremolo circuitry is offered with speed and depth control. Although the tremolo required minor changes in the basic circuitry, we have put all our effort in maintaining suberb overall performance. Amazing vintage effects can be created when the tremolo is correctly used in combination with the right amount of reverb.

The Guitarman comes standard in 2×12 speaker configuration. The Celestion G12-30H is definitely our first choice. Other excellent speaker options are: Celestion Heritage G12-H, Celestion Alnico Gold, Weber P12N or Weber Bluedog Alnico
At customer request we offer a 4×10 version of the Guitarman, standard fitted with 4x Celestion Greenback10, Jensen P10R/C10Q combination or 4x WeberP10Q speakers.