Custom 30 Head


Custom-30 Head

The Ultimate compact amp for blues or rock! The Custom-30 is modelled after the classic sixties EL84 Class A designs. This amp is super versatile because it’s running four EL84 tubes in Class A mode that can be scaled down to 10W RMS without loss of tone.


  • Normal gain input, Hi gain input, bright switch, volume, treble, middle, bass, master volume
  • Effectloop with send level, return level and effectloop bypass switch
  • Power output with Marble power scaling from 30 to 10W R.M.S
  • pre-amp: 3x12AX7A and 1x 12AT7WC
  • poweramp: 4x EL84
  • rectifier: 1x 5AR4

Unique to this design is the innovative Marble Designed Power scaling. Normal power scaling amps scale down voltage causing the power tubes to run colder in Class AB or even Class B. This causes nasty harmonics and unwanted, unpleasant crossover distortion. Our Custom-30 keeps the powertubes performing in class A while scaling down to a minimum 10Watt output. Overall tone stays full and touch sensitive all the way, never sounding thin. To ensure maximum power output, each EL84 is kathode biassed separately and the cabinet is fitted with an active ventilation system to deal with excessive heat development, so common in regular EL84 amps. Maximum reliability due to the Marble design!

The preamp is based on a classic AC30 approach. Engaging the bright switch gives you that unmistakable top boost character. Input 1 is a boosted input that uses an extra gainstage for higher gain, full with harmonics and touch-sensitivity. Input 2 gives a more classic top boost tone. Using both the input volume and master volume gives you plenty tonal options from glassy clean to thunderous gain while the separate tone controls stay active all the way.

The back of the amp features a full tube effect loop using a 12AT7 tube for trouble free low noise operation with plenty of headroom. The effect loop can also be used to add an extra gainstage to your signal chain.


The Custom-30 head comes with a matching 1×12 Cabinet The standard Cabinet is semi-ventilated and equipped with a Celestion G12-30H speaker. Other speaker options are offered at custom request.

For larger venues, a louder 2×12 Cabinet is available and can be fitted with various speaker options. Our favorite for vintage tone is 1x Celestion G12-30H and 1x G12 Vintage30. Overall tone of the Custom-30 set is Voxy classic but sophisticated, and absolutely vintage.

The Custom-30 head and cabs are offered in various Tolex / grill options.


  1. price standard model  € 1998,-
  2. price 1×12 Cabinet  € 649,-
  3. price 2×12 Cabinet  € 799.-

prices listed above include 21% VAT