Bluebird 1×12
Your perfect partner for studio and small gigs. This amp makes you forget any deluxe, boutique or vintage amp. The perfect choice for blues and rock guitarists. This class A tube amp delivers 28 watts of pure tone, with a great harmonic texture. Tube generated reverb is standard.

  • hi & lo inputs, volume, treble, bass & reverb
  • Speaker: 1×12 CELESTION G12-25M
  • poweroutput: 28 watts (25W RMS at 8Ohm)
  • pre-amp: 2x 12AX7A, 1x 12AT7C
  • power-amp: 2x 5881 / 6L6GC
  • rectifier: 1x 5AR4

1 standard model price: € 1825,-
2 with Weber 12 Alnico: € 2095,-
3 with Celestion 12 Gold: € 2075.-
prices listed above include 21% VAT

The Marble Bluebird is the smallest combo of the vintage range. The Bluebird is meant for studio use and will also do well at smaller gigs. Originally, it was derived from the 1957 Tweed Deluxe design.
To meet the musical demands of modern times, the circuitry of the Bluebird was improved for optimum tonal performance. Because of cathode biased class-A operation, the Bluebird has an amazing warm and responsive clean tone. When pushed, it delivers a natural overdriven sound that is rich in compression and upper harmonics.
Contrary to other amps in this class, low fundamentals don’t roll off when the Bluebird is pushed, thanks to its special output-transformer design. A full tube reverb circuitry is fitted for a lush, warm reverbed sound, produced by the classic accutronics reverb tray (long 2-spring type).

The panel controls consists of high and low inputs, volume, treble, bass & reverb. The Bluebird is standard fitted with a Celestion G12-25M speaker, but can be fitted with the G12-30H, Heritage G12-30H or theWeberVST Alnico Bluedog on custom order. The poweramp of the Bluebird operates with a duet of 5881/6L6 tubes to produce 25Watt RMS (28W peak) in combination with a 5AR4 rectifier. Without any modification or adjustment the 6L6 can be replaced by 6V6 and the 5AR4 by a 5U4G, 5V4GT or 5Y3GT rectifier. A matched pair of 6V6GT’s and a 5Y3GT rectifier makes the Bluebird the perfect Tweed deluxe clone with a modest 15 Watts RMS.

That is what we call: a “versatile” amp!