RG80 head
Point to Point Handwired, No Circuitboards, All Switchfunctions over Relays,
2 Channel with Leadboost, Leadboost with Intern Trimpot !
Preamp: Presence, Gain Master, Gain Lead Channel, Clean Master, Bass, Middle, Treble, Input Gain, Bright Switch, Midboost
80/40 Watt Switchable,
Complete Build in Dumblelator, Send, Return, Seriell / Parallel, Bright Switch, Loopmaster Level
OD / HRM ( Bluesmaster ) Mode Switchable, HRM EQ on the Backpanel ( Treble, Middle, Bass )
Normal And J Fet Input
Handwound Special Made for RG 80 Head Power and Output Transformer
Power Tubes: 4 x TAD 6 L 6 GE General Electric Remake
PreTubes: 2 x TAD 7025 S Mullard Long Plate Remake Preamp, 1 x 12 AX 7 Loop, 1 x 12 AX 7 – Phase Inverter Tube.
Speakerout Switchable 4 , 8 , 16 Ohm
Footswitch with Clean , Overdrive, Leadboost