MAX 1×8

Marble MAX, the smallest amp in our range, is not only a practice amp! Amazingly loud for its size it has already proven itself a real stagemaster! The philosophy behind this small package is to produce a big tone with the most simple setup. We feel that we have succeeded with this fine little amp!

  • input, volume & tone
  • 1×8 MARBLE Bluetone C8H25 speaker
  • poweroutput: 7 watts (6W RMS at 8 Ohm)
  • dimensions: 34 x 29 x 20 cm, weight: 7 kg
  • pre-amp: 12AT7 NOS USA
  • power-amp: 1x 6V6GT or 5881
  • rectifier: 1x 5Y3GT or 5U4GB
  1. standard model price: € 875,-
  2. With Weber 10” Alnico: € 1050,-

prices listed above include 21% VAT

The circuitry is based on the tweed Champ designs with a single ended class A output section. Special transformers are developed to accept a 6V6 as well as a 6L6 powertube. The 6V6 is sweeter and rounder, the 6L6 will give better low end and can be used in combination with a 5AR4 rectifier to produce more than 10Watts. The pre-amp operates standard with a 12AT7 tube but can be modified to the vintage 6SL7GT octal tube.

AJ: “The 6SL7GT’s have a nice round and warm tone for clean as well as overdriven sounds. The 12AT7 has a stronger more detailed midrange focus, and has the advantage of being interchangable with the 12AX7 for maximum gain or the 12AY7 for more vintage tone”.

The powersection uses a 5Y3GT rectifier tube for the right amount of compression and nice detailed upper harmonics when pushed. The MAX is equipped with a special design “Marble Bluetone” 8 inch speaker. We added a special powersoak / line out circuitry that enables the amp to operate without any speaker load. In this way, the amp can be used as a preamp only or can be hooked up to a larger guitar amp or PA to produce a big sound when required.
The MAX is a great practice amp but has also proven itself to be a real stagemaster for Bluesharp. Here’s what our harpmaster Ben Bouman thinks about the MAX:

Ben: “Amazing how loud the MAX is for its size. I specially dig the true vintage and brown character of the sound. When played softly you immediatly think of old recordings from the fifties and sixties, and when you cranck up the volume there is a nice smooth overdrive to blow a good lead without losing any definition and punch”.

We also offer the MAX in a guitar version. Fitted with a 12AX7, 6L6 and 5AR4, it delivers 10 watts which makes it more suitable for guitarists. The guitar-MAX is standard equipped with the regular 1×8 Marble Bluetone speaker or optional the 1×8 Weber Alnico, but also available as 1×10 with the Weber P10R Alnico. We have noticed that the MAX 1×10 makes a great Neil Young sound when played with a Gibson Les Paul (like on his Ragged Glory Album). Slide players might also be interested to give it a try. Cool tone!