Harpwood 4×8

This amplifier will make you forget any blues harp amplifier you have ever played on and is a prime example of our design philosophy: build only the essential to get a rich, harmonic sound without compromise.

  • input, volume, tone, contour & master
  • 4×8 MARBLE Bluetone C8H25 speakers
  • poweroutput: 30 watts (28W RMS at 4Ohm)
  • dimensions 54 x 52 x 27 cm, weight 18 kg
  • Pre: 1x 12AT7 NOS USA, 12AX7 & 12AU7
  • power-amp: 2x 5881 / 6L6GC
  • rectifier: 1x 5U4GB
  • Anti Feedback Control
  1. standard model price: € 1725,-
  2. with 2×10 Weber Alnico: € 1875,-

prices listed above include 21% VAT

The Marble Harpwood is a dedicated blues harp amplifier with a completely new tube design fitted in a combo, using four special design 8″ ceramic Marble Bluetone speakers. This amp features an upgraded preamp circuitry which is capable of handling all the famous harp sounds in the Blues; ranging from authentic early fifties riffs up to heavy overdriven soloing. Specially the smooth overdrive characteristics with enhanced harmonics and reduced harshness are important qualities of the Harpwood.
From scratch we redesigned the preamp now offering totally new tone controls. To begin with the Harpwood offers high and low inputs and a preamp volume and tone control. The circuitry behind it is simple and has some similarities with fifties Gibson, Fender and Ampeg designs. For full tonal versatility we added our unique magic contour control developed at Marble amps. The contourknob dails from fat & compressed mid focussed sounds to more open texture with lots of massive bottom end (see Bluesonic amp). The control panel also offers a mastervolume that operates just after the preamp and controls the amount of signal passed to the powertubes without affecting tone. Our latest addition on the Harpwood is our Anti Feedback Circuitry which is located on the bottom-side of the chassis. It effectively reduces the feedback sensitivity of the poweramp while maintaining overall tonal response. This enables you to play at higher volumes without feedback. The HarpWood is available both in tweed and in several tolex covers.