Harpmaster 6×8

The Marble Harpmaster is our top of the line Harp amp. It is tuned for true harp power and fat blues tone with no compromise.

  • bullet & low-Z inputs, input-switch, input-volume, input-tone, treble, middle, bass, master-volume & master-presence
  • speakers: 6 Special Design Marble Bluetone C8H25
  • poweroutput: 60Watts (55W RMS at 2 Ohm)
  • pre-amp: 1x 12AT7NOS, 1x12AX7, 1x 12AU7
  • power-amp: 2x 6550
  • Rectifier:1x 5AR4
  • Anti Feedback Control
  • Clipper Switch
Dimensions: 62x60x27
Weight 6×8 model 25kg
Weight 4×10 Model 24kg
  1. 6×8 model price: € 2249,-
  2. with Eminence 4×10: € 2298,-
  3. with 4×10 Weber Alnico: € 2749,-

prices listed above include 21% VAT

At first, the Harpmaster was based on the 1959 Fender Tweed Bassman circuitry with several modifications added. Later we redesigned our Harpmaster to be dedicated for harmonica or bluesharp amplification only. The circuitry in the different stages of the amp is tuned to the specific frequency characteristics of harp with several classic microphone combinations. Recently we decided to lift our topmodel to an even higher level by redesigning the preamp to improve versatility and handling and adding our Anti Feedback Circuitry to the power-amp.
We have modified our input section to be able to accept both bulletmikes as well as low-Z microphones. Also an input tone control is added to the input section to be able to pre-shape the tonal qualities of different microphones. The equalisation stage operates like in a tweed bassman with the conventional treble, middle and bass controls. The mastervolume controls the amount of signal that passes to the ouputstage. The presence control offers an extra “bassman59” dimension, boosting the uppermid and higher frequencies while generating more drive. At the outputstage the Anti Feedback Control helps phasing out any feedback that would be experienced at higher volumes.

The harpmaster combines excellent tonal response and low microphonic feedback even at higher volumes. To meet todays demands of playing, the power and low-end of the Harpmaster are significantly increased compared to the Roadking. To handle the increased low end no less than six special design 8″ Marble Bluetone speakers are used in a Roadking sized pine cabinet. For customers that prefer the 4×10 setup also the Harpmaster with 4 WEBER 10” Alnicos (2x 10A125, 2x 10A125O) is offered. The Harpmaster is available both in tweed and in several tolex covers.

Check out Ben Bouman on his Harpmaster (video at YouTube)