dcp 100


The Dual Class Pro amp is our Professional Series Amp which operates in either Class A or Class AB setting. Class A offers you a compressed sound with lots of harmonics for a great dynamic crunchy sound. Class AB mode allows for a wide range between super clean and high-gain settings. The DCP is available as a 100W model, with full point-to-point wiring.
The DCP amp contains two completely independent channels. Both channels are equipped with separate volume and tone controls. The Clean Channel ranges from ultraclean to a slightly overdriven sound. With the power attenuator control on the rearpanel the amount of amp output can be reduced for crunchy clean playing. The Lead Channel features a footswitchable crunch and lead mode. This enables you to switch from crunchy rhythm chords to screaming high gain solos. The proper balance between lead and crunch drive can be adjusted on the rear panel. Tube driven reverb is added to the basic sounds with a master-reverb control operational in both pre-amp modes which differs in depth on each channel. A full tube buffered parallel effects loop is fitted for versatile adding of effects.

The DCP model is offered standard as a separate head. On customer request we can however make a 2×12 combo version.

The DCP series are containing 4 speaker cabinet options. For heavy players there is a 4×12 cabinet in angled or classic straight versions available. For smaller gigs we have an excellent 2×12 closed back cabinet or for a more fenderish type of sound we offer an open back 2×12 speaker enclosure.

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